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Breakout Gaming, the operators of Breakout Poker, is a Costa Rican company that was created by a number of poker and gaming professionals that wanted to share the love with others!  We’re dedicated to providing our members with fair, exciting and engaging games that will give you the real opportunity to win real rewards, including our proprietary Breakout Chips and Breakout Coins.

We also host regular promotions that award prizes including opportunities to play poker with many of our famous Brand Ambassadors, win trips to World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, and more!  Please check our Promotions page for all the current offers and opportunities.
Breakout Coins (BRK) are a new “cryptocurrency”, like Bitcoin, that is currently trading on the Bittrex.com exchange.  The value of these coins is determined by the market, and will vary depending on the demand and use cases for the coin.
Breakout Coins (BRK) will be used as the primary currency in the new Breakout Gaming real money games, starting in the 4th quarter of 2016. Pending games include real money poker, sports betting, casino games, fantasy sports, eSports, and much more.  Real money gaming will ONLY be allowed for players in legal-to-play jurisdictions depending on the gaming licenses that will be in place.

Breakout Coins will also be accepted for real money challenges on the soon-to-launch BreakoutPVP eSports site, as well as the new BRK Games Store, a full digital game download store opening in the summer.  Other merchants may choose to also accept BRK in the near future.


> What do I need to start playing poker?
To play at BreakoutPoker you need our easy-to-download free software. Just click here and follow the simple download instructions. While the software is downloading, you will also need to Sign Up to be able to play.
> I have finished the download process. How can I start playing?
Depending on the browser you are using you were given a choice to Save or Run the BreakoutPoker software.
If you chose to Save, the BreakoutPoker software will download. Once the download is completed, you will find the install file with the BreakoutPoker Icon and (.exe) extension on your desktop. Click on it to start the installation process. Once the installation is finished, you will see another BreakoutPoker icon on your desktop. Double-click to start the BreakoutPoker software.
To avoid unintentionally installing BreakoutPoker software every time you want to play, please delete the BreakoutPoker Icon with the (.exe) extension from your Desktop.

If you chose to Run, the BreakoutPoker software will be installed. Once the installation is finished, you can find the BreakoutPoker icon on your desktop. Double-click the icon to start the BreakoutPoker cardroom. 
> How do I register and play at BreakoutPoker?
To register at BreakoutPoker, please click here.

To play at BreakoutPoker, you will need to download and install your software.

Please use Live Help to ask any questions you may have during and after download and registration.


> I forgot my Password.
Please go to the Forgot Password page and follow the instructions there.
> Can I change my Password?
Yes. Please log in, go to "My Account/Details/Profile". Type in your current Password, your new password, and re-type it. Then click on "Update".
> Can I change my Nickname?
Yes, if there were no games played under your Nickname or when it is absolutely necessary. Please contact support@breakoutpoker.net. Please note, we only allow one account per player.
> How do I change my address or email address?
You can change your email address. Simply log in and go to "My Account/Details/Profile". Please type in your current password and your new email address, and then click on "Update". In case your postal address data has changed, please email us your request with a valid proof of residence (e.g. telephone / utility bill not older than 2 months) and we will update your data.
> My Username and Password are being declined at the Login.
Please contact us at support@breakoutpoker.net. We'll check your login details and send you an update.


> What are the options for making a deposit?
At this time, Breakout Poker is only available for “play only”, meaning that we are not accepting any real money deposits.


> How do I select the game I want to play?
Please log into the BreakoutPoker cardroom. On the left side of the Lobby you will see all games we offer. Select a game, such as Hold'em, then at the top choose the type, for example Fixed Limit. All available tables will appear on the middle. Double-click on a table, take a seat and you're ready to play. You can also click to select the table and press the "Go To Table" button.
> Can both my friend and I play in the BreakoutPoker cardroom simultaneously from the same location?
Yes! You can both play certain tournaments but you will be seated at different tables. However, if you are playing Practice/Real Money Tables, you are not allowed to sit at the same table.
> Can I search for other players?
Yes. Please go to "My Account" from the Main Lobby, choose "Buddy List" and enter the player's Nickname. You will see at which table or in what tournament he or she is playing.
> Where can I learn about the different types of poker games and hand rankings?
BreakoutPoker offers Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Omaha Hi and 7 Card Stud. To learn more about these poker games, please go to Poker Games & Rules.
> Where can I find the hand rankings?
To find the hand rankings for all poker games, go to https://www.breakoutpoker.net, select "Cardroom", then go to "Game Rules" to find the "Hand Rankings"
> Why can't I get back onto the No-Limit Hold'em table with just the minimum buy-in?
We apply the following basic rules in such situations at BreakoutPoker: 1. A player leaves a table (no-limit/pot-limit tables only) with an amount of money which is LESS than the minimum buy-in. This player may return to the same table with the minimum buy-in designated for that table. 2. A player leaves a table (no-limit/pot-limit tables only) with an amount of money which is MORE than the minimum buy-in for that table. If the player returns to the same table within 1 hour, he may only return with the amount with which he left the table or more, regardless of what the minimum buy-in for that table is. Here's an example: In no-limit and pot-limit games, if a player leaves a table ($20 minimum buy-in) with $30 and returns within 1 hour, he is obligated to rejoin the table with $30 or more. This requirement is one of the basic poker rules for NL and PL games, and is intended to provide a fair, competitive playing environment for the players.
> What rake do you charge for running the games?
Rake is a nominal fee, per qualified pot, that the House charges for hosting games. Click here for a detailed breakdown.
> How can I review a played hand?
You can review your game history while at the table by clicking on the "Current" or "Previous" links in the top right corner of the table screen.

Or from the lobby choose My account > Open personal directory > Hand history

> Can I play for free at BreakoutPoker?

Yes, of course you can! Just download your software, register at BreakoutPoker and you can start playing at our Practice Chips tables.
> What are Practice Chips?
Practice Chips have been disabled on BreakoutPoker.net as the site is free to play, and is denominated in Breakout Chips, indicated by the symbol Þ at the tables.  You will receive 1,000 Breakout Chips when you register your free account using the Bonus Code “breakout”, and more can be added to your account by emailing your request to support@breakoutpoker.net.


> How do I register for a tournament?
Please log into the BreakoutPoker cardroom and click on the Tournaments tab. Select the "registering" tournament of your choice and click on REGISTRATION, and then click on REGISTER. The pop-up window will inform you of the charge, if any, and will present to you the options: OK - to register; CANCEL; and CASHIER, if you need to make a deposit in order to cover the registration fee.
> What should I do if I've lost my connection and been removed from a tournament?
Please restart the program and log in again. Under normal circumstances you will be seated back at your table immediately. Don't forget to push the "I'm back" button.
> Can I get a refund for a tournament which was cancelled due to technical problems at BreakoutPoker?
Refunds are distributed according to our Cancellation Policy, which you can find under Game Cancelation Policy.
> Why can I enter some of the Freeroll tournaments and not others?
Although most of the Freeroll tournaments at BreakoutPoker are completely free to enter, some require you to have earned a certain number of PokerPoints before you are allowed to register. This is how we reward our regular players for their loyalty and support. These tournaments are called "Poker Point Freerolls".
> Some Freeroll tournaments require passwords. How do I get one?
These special Freerolls are organized on request either from our marketing partners or players who have set up their own tournaments. In these cases BreakoutPoker simply provides the playing platform and has no access to the passwords, which are distributed by the independent tournament organizers.
> Where can I see how many Poker Points I have?
Please log into the BreakoutPoker cardroom and click on Cashier. Your Poker Points will be listed on the right side of the Cashier screen.
> How Poker Points are calculated?
You get 1 Poker Point for every 10 cents that you contribute to the rake. For details please see Poker Points.
> What is a "Poker Point Freeroll"?
Some Freeroll tournaments require you to have earned a certain number of Poker Points before you are allowed to register. This is intended to reward our regular players for their loyalty and support. These tournaments are called "Poker Point Freerolls" since no money is required in order to play.
> What does Re-Buy and Add-On mean in a tournament game, and how do they work?
We do offer our players Re-Buys and Add-Ons on some of our multi-player tournaments. This means that you will be able to purchase extra chips during a tournament. A Re-Buy is only available until the first break, or before the first break but only until the number of players still in the tournament has been reduced to the number of paid places PLUS 3. For example: If a particular tournament pays out to 50 places and the number of players in the tournament reaches 53 before the first break, then - from that point forward - Re-Buys are no longer possible. The first Add-On is available during the first break and will be available to all players, regardless of their chip count. Tournaments may allow Re-Buys and Add-Ons, or Re-Buys only. If a tournament allows Re-Buys and/or Add-Ons, this fact will be displayed in the tournament lobby following the tournament name as well as in the information box for each tournament. These details will be displayed upon selecting the tournament.


> I lost my connection!
There may be several reasons for this beyond your and our control. Normally your software should automatically re-connect. If this does not happen, try restarting the program - under most circumstances, you will be immediately reseated back to your table(s). Sometimes other software running on your computer may be preventing the BreakoutPoker software from accessing the Internet - try to avoid downloading files and using file-sharing software while playing at BreakoutPoker. If you can't connect, please contact us.
> Sometimes connection seems to get interrupted or the game is really slow.
The two most common reasons for a slow game are: 1. The players on the table are taking a long time to make their moves (perhaps they have a bad connection). 2. Internet connection between our servers and your computer has decelerated for some reason. If the problem persists, please contact us if your Internet Service Provider cannot resolve the matter.
> Do you offer all-in (disconnect) protection for live and tournament play?
Disconnect Protections are only available for fixed-limit cash-game play and are not available for tournament play or no-limit/pot-limit tables. Each player has one (1) Disconnect Protection available per day with an additional Disconnect Protection available upon request. If you get disconnected during a cash game, miss your turn, and you have a disconnect protection remaining, you will automatically be set as "Technically All-In" and your hand will proceed to the showdown. If you don't have any Disconnect Protections available, your hand will be folded.
> I have a Macintosh. Can I use it to play at BreakoutPoker?
Yes, users can download our Poker Software as it is compatible with Macintosh. Our Download Poker Software is based on latest QT technology, allowing cross platform deployment for Windows, Mac and Linux
> I can't connect to the BreakoutPoker software.
It is possible that your internet connection or our servers had problems when you were trying to connect. Please try again in a few minutes. If this does not work, please ensure that your firewall is not blocking the BreakoutPoker software. The software requires ports 1111-1120 and ports 11000-14000 to be opened for TCP/IP traffic. Some anti-virus software also includes port-blocking software and you should check the settings if you have any anti-virus software installed. It is also possible that your Internet Service Provider has blocked these ports, for which we would ask you to check directly with your ISP. If you still have problems, our support team will be happy to help you further.
> I can't open the BreakoutPoker Software.
This can happen for the following reasons:
1. The software has not been installed correctly or the download has not been successfully completed. To solve this, uninstall the current BreakoutPoker software, and download and install the latest version.
2. You are trying to run the BreakoutPoker software without proper administrator rights. Log onto your computer as Administrator and try again.
3. BreakoutPoker or the same poker software from another cardroom is running on your computer which will prevent BreakoutPoker from opening.


> Do I really have a fair chance in all games? Are your games safe to play?
For BreakoutPoker the security of our poker system and your safety while using it is principal. The management of our online gaming system complies with the highest ethical and professional standards. Unlike most of the online gaming operators, we use a True Random Card Shuffler.
Please visit our Security page for more information on our policies. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.
> Is the access to my account protected sufficiently?
BreakoutPoker employs many levels of security. We do not allow your Username to be seen by other players, thus preventing anyone from trying to guess your password and enter your account. Although all accounts are protected by a username and password, and data transfers only proceed on secure channels, the protection of your Login information is your responsibility. Never reveal your BreakoutPoker account information to anyone, and remember to change your password regularly.
> Will my personal data or email address be referred to anybody else?
No. The data supplied by our players is only used to provide service to you and in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Licensing requirements.
> Can I have more than one account?
No. We allow only one account per player.
> Should I report any suspicious game play and possible cheating?
Yes, to keep the game honest and fair to all, we encourage you to immediately report suspected cheaters to Support. Our Risk and Fraud specialists will analyze the specific instance reported by you, decide how to deal with it and then take the necessary steps. Please include game time, game type (tournament or cash game) and the nicknames of the players involved.