Every time you make a positive Tweet or Facebook post about Breakout Poker we’ll award you with Breakout Coins (BRK), the newest and hottest cryptocurrency on the market!

Twitter examples include:

  • “Join me for exciting free poker action at”
  • “I’m playing free poker at for my chance to win a trip to the WSOP”
  • “Having fun earning free Breakout Chips playing great poker tournaments at”

Use your imagination!

You’ll earn a Breakout Coin for each unique tweet, post, forum contribution, or other unique social mention.  You can also earn 5 Breakout Coins for each friend you invite to join us at that registers a new free poker account.  See the Promotions page for full details!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Your Tweet or post must be unique, and contain your username on Breakout Poker
  2. Posts must contain a link to the website
  3. Tweets should tag our twitter account @breakoutgaming
  4. To earn Coins for your Facebook post, you must email us a link where the post resides to
  5. You are unable to earn Coins more than once for the same Tweet/post
  6. We reserve the right to remove any Facebook posts that do not comply with our rules and regulations
  7. For tweets, posts, and other social mentions, you can earn a maximum of 20 Breakout Coins per week
  8. Earning Breakout Coins within the Invite a Friend program is unlimited
  9. Note that all Breakout Coins will be distributed on Monday, August 1st, and thereafter every Monday.
  10. Your current Breakout Coin balance will be sent to you by email on request to
  11. Only one player account at Breakout Poker is allowed per individual

Terms and conditions of this promotions are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion

If you have played in any of the BRK Coin, Facebook or Twitter tournaments you will have earned some BRK.  We update the list of winners of coins here - – every 1-2 days as time permits.